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Uncompromising quality, tested and documented purity, and unmistakable aromatic excellence - this is how Melaleuca does essential oils.

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Uncompromising Quality

Much more than just a brand name, PURETM defines the quality of our essential oils and tells you exactly what you can expect.


The Original Essential Oil Company—It's in our Name

In 1985, Melaleuca opened its doors with eight products all enhanced by the beneficial properties of pure Melaleuca Oil. Over the last three decades, we’ve pioneered and perfected harvesting and distillation methods. We set global standards for quality and efficacy. It’s our goal to establish Melaleuca as the trusted source for essential oils.

PURETM Essential Oils from our global partner farms

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Over 19 Single Oils from More Than 14 Countries

Only plants grown in ideal farming environments yield the quality of oil that both meets Melaleuca’s exacting purity standards and produces the sweetest, most pleasant scents for aromatic excellence. PURE Essential Oils are sourced from plants grown in these unique environments.

Leaves and Things

The practice of casually recommending oil ingestion is careless and irresponsible


We caution against ingestion because we believe in being responsible and sensible, and adhering to all industry safety guidelines. Melaleuca does not advise against the ingestion of PURE Essential Oils because of a quality issue—PURE meets or exceeds every recognized standard of quality.

Essential oils are highly concentrated and contain a variety of powerful natural constituents that, when used improperly, can lead to injury and long-term negative health effects. That is why both professional aromatherapy organisations and independent experts warn that the internal use of essential oils should only be administered under the supervision of a health care practitioner.

Melaleuca strongly encourages customers to heed this commonsense caution. Remember, ingestion recommendations do not reflect quality. In fact, higher quality oils can be even more potent and require dilution before external use.

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PURETM Essential Oils Pass the Strictest Tests

  • GC-MS TESTING: (Gas Chromatography–Mass Spectrometry) Checks the purity and potency of the oil against thousands of compounds.

  • CHIRALITY TESTING: Ensures no synthetic elements are present.

  • HEAVY METAL/PESTICIDE/HERBICIDE TESTING: Makes sure all PURE Essential Oils are free of heavy metals, pesticides, and herbicides.

  • ORGANOLEPTIC TESTING: Expert distillers evaluate the smell, colour, and consistency of each oil before any other tests are conducted.

  • OPTICAL ROTATION: Measures the molecular structure of the oil to confirm there are no synthetic compounds.

  • REFRACTIVE INDEX TESTING: Measures the density of the oil using a concentrated beam of light. This verifies the potency of the oil.

  • SPECIFIC GRAVITY TESTING: Measures how heavy (dense) the oil is compared to water.

  • MICROBIAL TESTING: Makes sure oils contain no traces of microorganisms such as fungi, bacteria, pathogens, or mold.

  • FLASH POINT TESTING: Measures the combustible “flash” temperature of the essential oil.

  • ISOTOPIC ANALYSIS: Breaks oils down to the atomic level to find out which isotopes are present in an essential oil and at what amounts - this is another way to triple-check the potency and quality of the oil.

Without a central certification body, we turn to the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) and Association Française de Normalisation (AFNOR) for reputable quality specifications available for many essential oils. When an ISO or AFNOR standard is not available, we compare our oils to historical testing data from essential oils experts to ensure PURE Essential Oils are always the highest purity and quality oils available.